With our presets you can achieve a range of different vibes, from warm tones to retro ones. Best suitable for wedding and travel photos.

Potion 1

Photo: Evan Civas

Photo: Ivy Christina

Potion 2

Photo: White on Black Studio

Photo: White on Black Studio

Potion 3

Photo: Wild Felt Photography

Photo: Wild Felt Photography

Potion 4

Photo: Evan Civas

Photo: White on Black Studio

Potion 5

Photo: Kostas Sapi

Photo: White on Black Studio

How to use - Installation

Before you start:

Potions of Nature Presets require “Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.5 (and newer)” and/or “Adobe Camera Raw 10.5 (and newer)“. 

Our presets are suitable for “RAW” images and not for  “JPEG” format.

Presets are not just one click:

Many photographers use different “WB” and “Aperture” for their images. If you are not satisfied with the result, you have to adjust “Exposure, Temperature-TintShadows and Contrast”. You can use any other tool you want until you find your way.  

Lightroom (MAC/PC)

  1. Unzip the “Potions of Nature” file you just downloaded.
  2. Open “Adobe Lightroom”.
  3. Go to menu “Develop”.
  4. Right click on the “User Presets” Folder or (+) on the “Presets” pane and press “Import”.
  5. Browse the unzipped folder “Potions of Nature” you previously extracted. Then click the import button.
  6. You are ready to go!

Lightroom παραδειγμα με φωτο

Photoshop – Adobe Camera Raw (MAC/PC)

Please note that if you have previously installed the presets in a Lightroom 7.5+ Installation then they will be installed in “Adobe Camera Raw” as well.

Otherwise follow these instructions to install our presets for “Adobe Camera Raw” only.

Go to:
  • Mac: Users>Your_Name>Library>Application Support>Adobe>Camera Raw>Settings
  • Windows: Application Data>Adobe>Camera Raw>Settings OR
    C: Users-[user-name]>AppData>Roaming> Adobe>Camera Raw>Settings
Copy and paste the .xmp presets into the Settings Folder. Please note, only paste the .xmp presets (not folders) inside settings, as Adobe Camera Raw does not recognize folders. “Please note, on a Mac, if you cannot locate the “Settings” folder use “Finder”, select “Go” and “go to folder from the menu”. Then copy and paste the folowing to the box: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings

What's Included

After your purchase you will be able right away to use our Desktop Adobe Lightroom Presets. 

After checkout you will be able to download a zip file containing:

  • The Presets Folder with seven (x7) .xmp files.
  • The “How to Install” PDF including all the instructions needed for your installation.
We will send the same zip file to your email address.