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Potions of Nature welcomes you to http://potionsofnaturepresets.com.  Before using our website, please take a look at the terms and conditions of use below. Make sure that you have completely understood them and that you completely agree with them.  


Potions of Nature Team has the right to change or edit these terms and conditions according to any needs that may occur. Nevertheless, it also has the obligation to clearly inform all the users about any change/edit that may take place. Copyright Reservation Policy   http://potionsofnaturepresets.com is the official web site of the company named Potions of Nature, a company selling professional photo manipulation presets for use with Adobe Lightroom.    The content of its web pages (photos, graphics, texts, products, descriptions, logos, designs, and services) is literary property of this company and is reserved by all the corresponding provisions of the local Law and the international Agreements.   Any copying, reproduction, distribution, transfer, up/downloading, processing or sale of this content is forbidden except when written permission has been granted by Potions of Nature.   In no case must the exposition of this content on https://potionsofnaturepresets.com be considered an assignment of additional rights to the user. The same goes for any re-distribution of the presets bought from this website to any third party.    

User Obligations

  All users of http://potionsofnaturepresets.com without exception agree that they shall not use it for posting, sending, sharing or transmitting via e-mail and other ways of content that:   – contains threats, is illegal, offensive, disturbing, obscene and defamous – violates the privacy of a third person – expresses racial, national or other discrimination and promotes hatred – may harm a nonadult in any way – should not be transferred or transmitted in accordance with law – violates any patent, trade secret, logo, copyright or owner rights of others – contains viruses, pieces of code, programs or files that have been developed with the aim of causing harm and destroying any piece of hardware or software – intends to the collection or storage of any user’s personal data.   Any form of such content accidentally or in purpose violates the current local legislation.    

Products Description

Our duty and primary care is that the information provided on the Potions of Nature website regarding the quality, quantity, main characteristics and prices of the products are absolutely accurate. However, some products may appear on your device’s screen slightly different in size, color and texture than in reality.        

Products Prices

The prices listed next to each product include 24% VAT. The prices refer to the quantities available, and http://potionsofnaturepresets.com reserves the right to change the description and prices of its products without prior notice. However, after completing your order, you are required to ship the products you ordered with the features and prices posted on its website at the time of the order.    

Products Delivery

All the products (Adobe Lightroom presets) appearing on http://potionsofnaturepresets.com are digital and downloadable. Upon completing your purchase, you shall be able to download your products on your personal device.    If you have any problems accessing the presets you have purchased, please contact us at info@potionsofnatureteam.com.    

Order Payment

Using your credit card, we give you the ability to complete your order within seconds. Through the new dynamic platform of our page we provide free of charge credit card payment service.    

Returns Policy

Orders made through our website cannot be refunded, exchanged or returned under any circumstances. A refund will be given only if you accidentally make multiple purchases of a single preset. However, this is subject to an administration fee. Please also note that you are not eligible for a refund if the presets are incompatible with your software or camera files. Thus, please make sure that the presets you are about to purchase are compatible with your software and camera files.    

Personal Data Processing

  Potions of Nature would like to inform that, for the purposes of its business activities, it processes the personal data of its customers and visitors of its website and/or official social media accounts. Such processing always takes place in accordance with the applicable national Law and the European Regulation 2016/679, which concerns the protection of individuals during the processing of their personal data and the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Act – General Data Protection Regulation, hereafter referred to as “GDPR”).   GDPR is the new European Union (EU) regulatory framework in the field of personal data. The purpose of the law is to enact the conditions for the processing of personal data to protect the rights and freedoms of natural persons, in particular the right to the protection of personal data.   For any matter regarding the processing of personal data, please contact us at info@potionsofnatureteam.com.   What categories of personal data are we processing?   We process the personal data you provide us, ie Name, Postal Address, Postcode. Code, Prefecture, City, Area, Country, Landline Telephone and Your Email Address, VAT Number, Tax Number, Occupation. We process data only when we have a legitimate reason to do so.   What are the legitimate reasons for processing your personal data?   Legal reasons for processing your personal information are:   (a) providing the services you ask from us and you wish to receive from us, and consequently the fulfillment of our contractual obligations in this context. (b) compliance with a statutory obligation, such as regulatory compliance for tax purposes.   Declaration of age   By providing your consent, you declare responsibly that you are over 16 years of age. If you are under 16, you can use our website only with the participation and approval of a parent or guardian.  How and why do we use your personal data?  
  • Statistics Export
It is possible that your personal data will be used in Google Analytics. Google Analytics aims to capture the web traffic of our site and to export useful statistics for our client list.  
  • Profiling
In order to provide you with the best possible experience, personal data collected from our site may be used to send personalized updates, provided you have given your consent, subject to the specific conditions set out in the legal framework. Personalization based on your needs and preferences (profiling) is based on the data we draw from your personal data, such as the occupation, the residence area, etc.  With whom do we share your personal data?   http://potionsofnaturepresets.com shares the personal data provided by natural persons to third parties that provide automation services for the purpose of bulk mailing.   Data storage period   The length of the data storage period is decided on the basis of the following specific criteria, as appropriate:   When processing is required as a requirement under provisions of the applicable legal framework, your personal data will be stored for as long as required by the relevant provisions.   When processing is done on a contractual basis, your personal data will be stored for as long as is necessary for the performance of the contract and for the foundation, exercise, and / or support of legal claims under the contract.   For marketing purposes, your personal data is retained until your consent is withdrawn. This can be done by you at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of consent-based processing in the period before its revocation.   To withdraw your consent, you can contact us at info@potionsofnatureteam.com    

Security of Personal Data

  Potions of Nature applies appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure the processing of personal data and to prevent accidental loss or destruction and unauthorized and / or unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure thereof. In any case, the way in which the internet operates and the fact that it is free to anyone can not guarantee that unauthorized third parties will never be able to violate the applicable technical and organizational measures by gaining access and possibly using personal data for unauthorized and / or unfair purposes. What are your rights with respect to your personal data?   Any natural person whose data is being processed by Potions of Nature has the following rights:   Right of access:   You have the right to be aware and verify the legitimacy of the processing. So, you have the right to access the data and get additional information about how to process it.   Right of modification:   You have the right to examine, correct, update or modify your personal data.   Right to deletion:   You have the right to request thr deletion of your personal data when we process it on your consent or in order to protect our legitimate interests. In all other cases (such as, for example, where there is a contract, the obligation to process personal data required by law, public interest), this right is subject to specific restrictions or does not exist as the case may be.   Right to limit processing:   You have the right to request a limitation on the processing of your personal data in the following cases: (a) when you contest the accuracy of your personal data and until it has been verified, (b) when you object to the deletion of personal data, c) when personal data are not needed for processing purposes, however they are indispensable for legal claims, and (d) when you object to the processing and until it is verified is that there are legitimate reasons that concern us and supersede why oppose the processing.   Right to oppose processing:   You have the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data where, as described above, it is necessary for the purposes of legitimate interests we seek as processors, as well as for processing for direct marketing and consumer profile training.   Right to portability:   You have the right to receive your personal data free of charge in a format that allows you to access, use, and edit them with commonly used editing methods. You also have the right to ask us, if technically feasible, to pass the data directly to another processor. Your right to do so exists for the data you have provided to us and is processed by automated means based on your consent or performance of a relevant contract . Right to withdraw consent:   Finally, Potions of Nature informs you that where processing is based on your consent, you have the right to revoke it freely, without prejudice to the legitimacy of the processing based on your consent, before you recall it.   To use any of these rights, please contact us at info@potionsofnatureteam.com    


  The Potions of Nature website uses cookies because without them it would not be possible to offer some of its basic services. The status of orders, multiple user choices, storing items in the basket or in the list, identifying and facilitating frequent users, and improving the content of the site are some of them.   Cookies do not cause harm to users’ computers or files stored on them, and are automatically deleted on each site.   Learn more about Cookies at www.cookiecentral.com.    

Complaint to the Personal Data Protection Authority of Greece

  You have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority (www.dpa.gr): Telephone Center: +30 210 6475600, Fax: +30 210 6475628, Email: contact@dpa.gr